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Matterport Camera – is it worth it?

In short, yes it is.

While traditional forms of marketing real estate fizzle out, a new era of digital marketing has dawned. Thanks to the global connectivity of the internet, people no longer have to turn to traditional media to market a home or condo or any other form of real estate. Gone are the days where consumers lack transparency into a market that once used to confuse and perplex everyday average individuals looking to buy or sell a home.


matterport camera in office

Today, consumers are savvy. As the internet has evolved, so has our unfettered access to information across the spectrum. In turn, the real estate market, which has been one of the most lucrative and profitable lines of business since the dawn of time, has seen an explosive growth of agents and owners vying for the buyer’s¬†attention through any form of digital marketing means.

Local Resellers, Immerse UK, are the people to get in touch with if you are interested in this incredible piece of equipment. matterport camera